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Summit Garden Chinese CuisineThe cashier there is terrible. Probably the worst demeanor and attitude I've seen among Chinese restaurant staff, or maybe it's just because I'm Chinese myself because I've seen her suck up to non-Chinese before. Last time I went to buy from the bbq counter she threw my change on the counter and the coins went everywhere. Today I went to get a newspaper and I asked if there are anymore besides the only one left. She just gave me a snotty side-long glance and said "That's all there is take it or leave it". Quite honestly this is the last time I go there of my own accord, and I will encourage all my friends and family to boycott Summit Garden unless they fire that cashier.03/23.
Dai Ichi SushiThe rating system doesn't seem to be working, but I would have rated everything 5 stars, save the ambiance which I'd give a 4. This is easily the best sushi restaurant in the area. Their korean barbecued mackerel is also simply fantastic!03/05Jen H
Daisuki SushiWent to lunch with fiancée yesterday, we were the only people in the restaurant. Took forever to take out order (too busy talking in the back room) then food took forever. Quality was ok. Rolls were good, all tempuras sucked. One item (ribs) which was on our first order didn't come out for over an HOUR. I got frustrated and paid, then they came out. The ribs sucked. We left them on the table and swore we'd never be back. Cliffs: Food ok, Serviced sucked. Spend your money elsewhere.02/27Andrew
Lotus Pond VegetarianThis restaurant is alright I think thee over price the rub smells in that restaurant start some renovations you stink and all the food tates the same02/24Phil Neil
Ajisen Ramengood good good good great....noodles02/04.
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